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Follows: Top 10 Tips to Get Leads to Ask You To Dance

A while ago, I wrote an article entitled, The Top 10 Worst Things Guys Do on the Social Dance Floor. This attracted lots of comments and discussion, which was great. Some follows asked for a similar article about the worst things follows do on the dance floor. But, for various reasons, writing such an article just didn’t seem right to me. For one thing, as a lead, I’ve never experienced anything nearly as bad as what the women have reported to me about the guys!

But, I felt that perhaps a different type of story for the follows could be helpful. I wrote this article a few years ago and felt it was due for a major overhaul, so here is version 2.0!

Many of these are things are probably obvious to experienced dancers, but I list them anyway for the benefit of the beginners.

Also, these are my personal opinions, and I’d love to hear your ideas.. I am sure I missed something!

1. Dress vintage

It is hard to resist asking a woman who is More

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